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Bachelor of Mathematics (Hon. Double CS, C&O)

  • Become a Software Architect
  • Building applications and tools that simplify tasks
  • Software design and implementation
  • Problem Solving
  • Languages: C/C++, C#, SQL
  • Networking: Sockets
  • Databases: SQL Server
  • Structured Text Files: XML, HTML
  • Scripting Languages (still learning): Perl, ASP, javascript

  • Strengths

    I learn how systems work quickly, identify areas that need work (code or process), then design and develop solutions.


    BioWare Corporation 11/05-present
      Mass Effect
      An Xbox 360 RPG Set 200 years into the future
    • Senior Tools programmer for Mass Effect
    • Learning UnrealEngine 3.0
    • Integrated Xbox 360 Controller Recorder into Mass Effect
    • Assisted with the direction of Xbox 360 functionality in Mass Effect
    • Added an automation framework for unit and regression tests
    • Optimised the string localisation system to update the strings for 6 lanaguages in half an hour
    • Optimised the reference shader cache building system to reduce shader cache rebuild times
    • Built tools to bulk adjust content quickly
    • Wrote a multiprocessor build tool for our continuous build system and our nightly build system
    • Added infrastructure to identify references by name to ensure all required content was cooked for the Xbox 360
    • Contributed to the effort to support downloadable content and localisation for the Xbox 360
    • Wrote tools to build, manage, and optimise the DVD Layout of Mass Effect
    • Altered package processing to shave 8 hours off of DVD build times

    Microsoft Corporation 11/99-10/05
      Xbox Live
      The best online gaming service in the world
    • Added to the Online Stress client tool for exercising the Xbox client Live APIs
    • Built services and tools to track Xbox consoles that fail to connect when they should
    • Identified Xbox manufacturing process issues resulting in failed connections to Xbox Live and worked with the manufacturing team to resolve them
    • Built the original Xbox Live Web Services monitoring service and test tools
    • Wrote the VerifyPartner tool that validates client certificates for use with Xbox Live Web Services
    • Tested the Live environment and dashboard for the Halo 2 Beta
    • Tested the Electronic Arts service tunnel that EA uses to communicate with our service directly over a VPN
    • Promoted to UI Test Lead for Xbox Live responsible for the UI for new Live features appearing in the Xbox 360 console
    • Designed and wrote the protocol that allows Xbox 360 consoles to interact with the Live service directly for automated testing
      Natural Language Group
      Provides grammar and spell checking functionality for English, French, German, Japanese, and other languages
    • Assisted in the conversion of the code base from strict C to C++
    • Doubled XML parsing speed of grammar structures by generating a C++ file using perl containing the list of XML node names in a hashtable for fast lookup.
    • Increased sentence parsing size by reducing unnecessary copies into constrained regions of memory
      An Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment system for viewing and paying your bills online
    • ParcelMover: Wrote the transfer layer connecting billers to the TransPoint data center.
    • WebSPA: Wrote a 32 bit, multithreaded, distributed application to stress a web server using state machines to represent user profiles.
    • Added non-funded credit card support to ASP and middle tier objects in the Transpoint code base for Australia Post.
    • Modified the Transpoint code base to globalize the date format (allow it to be configurable for the current locale).

    Corel Corporation

      CorelDraw! and PhotoPaint
      Graphic image editing applications
    • Generated multi (windows) platform test scripts in MS Test 3.0, Visual Test 4.0, and MS Visual C++ v4.x for the printer engine and vector filter engines for CorelDRAW! 6 and 7.
    • Wrote a script in Visual Test to attach to applications as a debugger to trap debugging events.
    • Developed basic IPC routines to allow multiple running Test scripts to communicate.
    • Tested the vector filter engines and printer engines for CorelDRAW! 6 and 7.
    • Tested the vector import engine in PhotoPaint 6.


      Searches and alters the writable regions of memory of other running applications
    • A tool to experiment with altering other running applications
    • Search an application for a particular value then modify the value from the application and re-search to isolate a particular address
    • Change a found address to a new value
    • Lists current running processes and their owned windows and services
    • Written in C# and C++ Managed code
      Performs backups and restores across domains mapping account permissions to new accounts
    • Performs a backup of all files in a directory
    • Handles NTFS alternate file streams
    • Records all file permissions recorded for files and directories
    • Restore allows mapping old accounts to new accounts in a new domain
    • Restore will merge account permissions if multiple old accounts are mapped to a new account
    • Uses a public library for compression
      Web Site Hosting
      Hosting and managing multiple web sites
    • Hosting,,, and others
    • Running Exchange in a frontend/backend configuration
    • Created vb scripts to easily create Exchange sites for different domains
    • Running Certificate Server for secure remote access to mail
    • Running SQL Server as a database back end for various sites
    • Running Windows 2003 Server as the server platform in a domain configuration
    • Installed perl and php along with existing ASP and ASP.NET support
    • Running a linux firewall with IP Tables for NAT and security


    Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo
    (Double Honours Combinatorics and Optimization & Computer Science -- Co-operative Program)
    Computer Science provides the technical and theoretical knowledge for implementing software. Combinatorics and Optimization covers discrete mathematics, optimization, graph theory, and other related fields providing a deeper understanding of the mathematics that current computer systems are based on. The co-operative component of the degree requires learning practical skills in the industry, covering a much broader scope of software development than just the software itself.

    Other interests: Ultimate, squash, games (board, pc/console, rpgs, rts, turn based strategy), inline skating

    For references, interviews, et cetera, mail me at: