Roleplaying Material

I started role-playing in AD&D (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) while in high school. Since I have also played in RuneQuest, WarHammer the fantasy role-playing system, Harn (this summer) and others.

I'm working on putting up the histories to some of the characters I've played. (Of course, this does require time, so please be patient!) There are now two versions, with and without frames. (My friends would never forgive me if I didn't support Mosaic for X/Windows.)

My current set of character sheets

My character sheets are pretty thorough. The reworked version to support the Player Option:Skills and Powers is currently only available in WordPerfect format (gzipped - hold the shift key down when clicking on the link in Netscape to download it instead of viewing it).

The following files can only be downloaded in encapsulated postscript, or you can use the gif files for printing them. If I get around to it, I might put up higher res graphics up. If you need to print these, and don't have any sort of postscript printer, Ghostscript/Ghostview in Linux (or PC's) will let you view and print the eps files, as well as UltraScript PC for DOS/Windows. You can also acquire the entire collection at once.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions, mail me at: