Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday

This is not a pleasant topic for me to write about, however, I realize there are others out there who have precognitive dreams who may need help, support, and perhaps just the security of knowing that someone else in this great big world has them. This doesn't mean to say precognitive dreams are bad, but trying to determine the implications of having them is.

For those that don't have dreams of the future and are reading this, I feel the need to explain a few things. This is not a glorious and wondrous ability that lets me see all of my errors and correct them before they occur. I cannot control what I see in my dreams, the events that occur, or the results. Only when I'm awake can I do that, and first I must recognize the events that are about to happen before taking action. As dreams can be days or even decades away from occurring, this is not easy. I can recognize which of my dreams are precognitive if I remember them, there is a distinctly different feel to them.

The events I dream are not strictly good or bad, more often it is significant changes in my environment causing them (moving, when I learn something of someone that changes my opinion of them, meeting people for the first time, etc...). The first week I was in Ottawa, I had up to four dreams realized in a day. All of my precognitive dreams up to this point have centered on events that happen to me. I have dreamed the past, one of which an event that occurred before I was born. During the dream, I am aware of my thoughts at the time of the event, and what little knowledge I remember from my memories of the past with respect to the event is hazy. Significant or important thoughts, thoughts that are at the forefront during the event have the greatest chance of being remembered. The dreams are in colour, with sound, and sometimes but rarely with other senses (usually only if they are significant in some way).

The earliest I remember having precognitive dreams was at about eight or nine years old. I didn't think about it much at the time because they were so infrequent, it didn't demand a lot of thought. At that age, the implications of being able to see the future did not occur to me. I tried once to tell my parents about my dreams, and they indicated that everybody gets them at some time, and that I wasn't to worry. I tried again at seventeen with disastrous results. Since, I've met others who dream the future, and having faced/facing this, they have been quite supportive and understanding.

Between my friends and I, we've noticed a slightly higher tendency for powerful headaches that focus on parts of the brain (temples, behind the eyes, behind the ears, etc...), as well as hearing a tone. To clarify, its hearing a tone without actually hearing it, it is directional, the volume fluctuates based on direction, and the tone is constant in pitch for the duration, but the tone is not necessarily the same pitch for two discontinuous hearings.

Some of the issues I'm grappling with regarding precognitive dreams include paradox (it apparently doesn't occur), what the structure of the universe is that supports precognitive dreams without paradox, and also what I can put faith in. If nothing else, knowing that the universe isn't fixed, that I can change things still keeps me sane.

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