About Me

I’m a software developer, math geek, and father of three.

I have been programming since I was a teenager, starting on an Atari ST using GFA Basic.  It got me hooked as I played with RLE encoding, splitting files to fit on floppy disks (and adding a header with Ctrl-Z terminator so you would know which part that file was of a set using “type”), and trying to get a cube to rotate on screen (I hadn’t learned trigonometry yet so there were a few mistakes as corners eventually slid off screen).  Each face was a different color.

I enjoy ultimate, squash, cycling, and inline skating.  I delight putting the kids to sleep reading science magazines.  I enjoy math, writing software, and games (particularly real time strategy, turn based strategy, roleplaying/story).

The first site I created has not changed substantially from it’s origins though it has lived on numerous servers now.  The original oneoddsock.com was created to learn more about web development while I was still in university and afterward as a starting point for hosting and running a web server (at one point this included exchange and a certificate authority service for ssl) for myself and friends.  With the numerous moves I’ve been through and now children it was no longer feasible to support this hobby so I have now moved the pages to a commercial host.

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