Two Responsibilities in the .NET TPL Scheduler Class

I like parallel programming.  Most of my experience comes from developing on Windows in C/C++ and C#.  I haven’t yet had the pleasure of doing so functionally (which I plan to correct).

I prefer task/job based parallelism using threadpools rather than explicit threads performing a suite of tasks (such as FIOS or Kinect).  I could delve into this further, but that is not the purpose of this post.

The Task Parallel Library hinted at an opportunity to build logic I have always wanted with a job based implementation.  I wanted to be able to define my own schedules for task execution.  Unfortunately there is a flaw.

The Scheduler class has two responsibilities.  The Scheduler class not only handles scheduling of tasks, but their execution as well.  Combining these two responsibilities inhibits scheduler composition beyond inheritance and encapsulation.  Furthermore any external libraries that create tasks based on their own schedulers cannot have the scheduling of their tasks altered by any other schedulers.

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