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A Little Bit About Myself:

I'm a University of Waterloo graduate, having completed a double in both Computer Science and Combinatorics & Optimization (discrete mathematics, graph theory, optimization). I have also completed the cooperative education portion of my degree which provided two years experience in the computer industry upon graduation. I am now employed at Microsoft in the Xbox Live group as a software design engineer in test (no, I don't get to play games all day <grin>).

I enjoy playing baseball, football, ultimate, hockey (road, inline skates), squash, and badminton. Then there is math, reading, designing software (I enjoy developing but designing is far more fun), inline skating, swimming, and cycling.

Current Activity is FFXI on the Bismarck server. I'm part of the Apocalypse Tribe Linkshell.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions, mail me at: