Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Reference Material

After great frustration due to lack of documentation on the classes available, I went through and put together this list. I'll start with the bugs I've noticed first then proceed with the breakdown. I might do the for feats in the future if there is enough incentive, though I don't think it is as critical.

The most significant and frustrating bugs I've found are as follows:

  • Every level after the first level has a problem calculating the correct number of skill points for the class. The progression seems to be:
    IntBonus Skill Points
    IsShould be
    However I did have a character that had an 18 int as a soldier (yeah, no points for anything else really) that got +6 bonus skill points per level.
  • When you multiclass to a Jedi, your intelligence isn't incorporated as part of the calculation for skill points.
  • Combat only does multiple attacks based on your feats and powers, not based on your base attack bonus. Standard d20 gives you an extra attack at a BAB of +6, +11, +16, +21, etc. This might be have been a play balance decision as some creatures probably have amazing BABs and would reduce the unsuspecting Jedi into puree.
  • There's a duplicate item bug in the lower city. If you equip your henchman with the stuff you want to duplicate, get close to the Hidden Bek leader and save the game. Unequip your henchmens' items, then talk to the Hidden Bek leader. Win the swoop race. when you are sent back to your apartment, your henchmen will be there still wearing the items that you had them take off. You can do the same with the Black Vulkars, by preparing your henchmen and saving before entering their base after killing the Hidden Bek leader, step in and immediately go into your inventory and unequip all the items your henchmen have into the shared pool. The Black Vulkars will get you going in the swoop race, win, then return to the apartment to see your henchmen still wearing the unequiped items. I don't know if this can be duplicated elsewhere. It might be possible such as during the last step of "joining" the Sith on Korriban at the school.

    This is so bad from a character development point of view, I've stopped playing until either a fix comes out or the PC version does with these problems taken care of.

    So lets get the show on the road and list the break down:
    ClassSkill Points Per Level
    Jedi, Guardian2
    Jedi, Consular2
    Jedi, Sentinel3
    At first level you get four times this number.

    Computer Use (Int) 212
    Demolitions (Int) 111
    Stealth (Dex) 221
    Awareness (Wis) 111
    Persuade (Cha) 221
    Repair (Int) 212
    Security (Wis) 221
    Treat Injury (Wis) 112
    1=class skill, 2=cross class skill
    Jedi Skills are your original class skills with Persuade changed to a class skill